Youth Cycling

As the provincial governing body for the sport of cycling, Bicycle Newfoundland and Labrador (BNL) is focused on developing lifelong recreational and competitive riders across the province. Through our affiliation with Cycling Canada we assist people who would like to work with children and youth through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Certifications, Can Bike, and other Canadian cycling programs. Whenever possible, we offer guidance, networking and liability insurance for groups offering youth group rides, camps, races, and other programs. The role of the Director of Youth Cycling provides a connection between BNL and parties interested in working with the children and youth in the province.

BNL also supports the use of the Sprockids Program by community clubs, schools groups and other stakeholders to develop mountain biking and mentorship skills. The Sprockids Program is a multi-faceted instructional program designed to engage young people, ages 6 to 18 years in the sport of mountain biking. The program focuses on teaching 55 essential skills, enabling youth to ride. Each participant’s progress is recorded in their own personal “Passport” which follows their achievements throughout the program.

The Sprockids program helps to develop young athletes and community leaders. Through the program, instructors learn to mentor their groups and build confidence in two-wheeled wilderness fun. Children learn an appreciation of nature and its many benefits, while also keeping fit. We also encourage trail building and development with the goal of developing stronger riding cultures and communities over time.

If you would like more information about youth cycling in the province, please contact the Director of Youth Cycling.

Women's Cycling

The Director of Women’s Cycling is in service to promoting cycling as a sport and as a means of transportation among girls and women in Newfoundland and Labrador. We know that more women will ride bikes when they feel it is safe to do so in their communities. The Director of Women’s Cycling advocates for community efforts that will promote safety on our roads through active participation in the community, cycling-specific events, and engagement with the media. 

If you would like more information about women’s cycling in Newfoundland and Labrador, please contact the Director of Women’s Cycling. Also join us on our FaceBook page: Women’s Cycling in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Older Adults

Healthy Aging

Canadians are living longer and healthier lives. Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) has one of the most rapidly aging populations in the country. Just as the number of older adults is growing, the number of older adults in NL involved in cycling is also expanding. In 2019, persons aged fifty and above made up 41% of the overall membership in Bicycle Newfoundland and Labrador (BNL).

Physical activity is one of the five key determinants to healthy aging identified by Health Canada Health Canada Healthy-Living Seniors. Cycling fosters healthy aging. As an aerobic activity, it offers many health benefits such as better heart health, strength building, weight control, and decreased stress. Cycling is also easy on the joints and it promotes social well-being.

50+ Group Ride

In 2017 BNL started a popular weekly group ride in St. John’s for members aged 50 and over. The group ride attracts older adults who wish to improve their cycling skills in a relaxed atmosphere, socialize and make new friends. A coffee break, held partway through each ride, is a time for lively, fun chats.

The group rides take place one morning a week (weather permitting) and usually along the T’Railway. Alternate routes in Mount Pearl, Butter Pot Park and Bell Island, are also offered from time to time.

The 50+ Group Ride welcomes older adults of varied skill levels. Participants must wear a helmet and they must be a member of BNL.

For more information about the 50+ Group Ride in St. John’s, or to find out how to start your own 50+ ride anywhere in the province, please contact


About Para-cycling

Para-cycling is the sport of cycling which has been adapted for cyclists who have physical disabilities. It includes athletes who have a visual impairment, cerebral palsy, amputations and other physical impairments. In the sport of para-cycling, tandem bicycles are used by visually impaired individuals. A sighted person (the pilot) acts as the guide. Other para-cycling events involve the use of tricycles or hand cycles. As is the case at the Olympics, competition at the Paralympics is held on a track (velodrome) and on the road.

Paralympic's paracycling page


Cycling has been part of the Paralympic Games since 1992 although athletes with a disability have been competing in cycling since the early 1980s. Cycling Canada’s Para-cycling program was created in 1996. Since then, Cycling Canada has incorporated the Para-cycling program into its High Performance program. Every four years, premier Canadian Paralympic athletes have the opportunity to represent Canada at the Paralympic Games.

Cycling Canada's Para-cycling


Para-cycling and BNL

BNL believes that persons with disabilities should be given the opportunity to be actively involved in cycling as a recreational activity or as a competitive event. BNL encourages participation in cycling by persons with disabilities.

In 2017 BNL partnered with the NL-Visually Impaired Sports and Recreation Association (NL-VISRA), the Canadian Council of the Blind (CCB), Recreation NL and ParaSport NL to offer two introductory bicycle riding sessions for the physically impaired at the Pearlgate Track and Field Complex in Mt. Pearl. A total of 26 combined volunteers and  physically impaired individuals participated in the event which involved use of tandem bikes as well as hand-cycles. This event could not have taken place without the assistance of various volunteers including cyclists who participated as pilots for the visually impaired cyclists.

BNL looks forward to continuing its work in promoting paracycling in the province in future.

Para-cycling Resources


Canadian Council of the Blind (CCB) or the NL-Visually Impaired Sports and Recreation Association (NL-VISRA) - For further information, call Nadine Green, President, CCB - NL Division and President of NL-VISRA

+1 709 727-1677

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ParaSport NL - The word “para” is a Greek word meaning “one more” and parasport has become a term that describes sport for individuals with a physical disability that parallels able bodied sport and often is offered parallel to or as a component of an existing sport. For information about ParaSport, contact Margaret Tibbo via email:

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The Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC) - The CPC is a non-profit, private organization with 25 member sports organizations dedicated to strengthening the Paralympic Movement. For further information go to

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Eastern Region

Newfoundland and Labrador is a massive province with a unique terrain for cyclists to enjoy. Each region of the province has its own challenges to offer skilled and novice cyclists, both recreationally and competitively.

The largest proportion of the population of the province is located on the Avalon Peninsula where one can cycle to the most easterly point in North America. As such, there are many rides and events offered throughout the year.

The bicycling season begins in winter with the Pippy Snowbike Festival. This is a fast growing style of cycling and most cyclists ride Fat Bikes with studded tires for added traction.

In early spring, we kick off the year with the Pouch Cove Classic. This 30 km - 90 km road race is a provincial staple. We brave cold May conditions to battle it out while riding through coastal communities just outside our province's capital.

Later in the spring, children and adults enjoy the St. John's Short Track Series. This short format mountain bike race is simple and fun for all ages. After this, we revisit the area during the fall and crank out through the autumn mud in the Windy City Cyclocross Series.

We ride throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions. To find out more about cycling in the eastern region, contact the BNL Representative for Eastern Newfoundland.

We celebrate year-round health and fitness with the fastest growing cycling trends.

Central Region

Newfoundland and Labrador has a wide variety of exciting terrain and adventures to enjoy throughout the whole year. In central Newfoundland, you’ll typically find flatter off and on road routes compared to the rest of the island. There are opportunities for races and group rides from spring’s first thaw to winter’s frost. Even then, we tend to hit the blacktop no matter what. For the hardy cyclist, winter fat biking offers an excellent way to keep moving and Central contains quite a number of accessible routes which offer scenic and challenging rides.

For those interested in racing, Grand Falls-Windsor hosts the Falls Flash Race Weekend.   This is a mixed discipline event with mountain biking, a time trial, and a road race spread over two days in June/July. The event provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy many social activities as part of the cycling community.

Several communities in the region have a Sprockids cycling program. These programs, which are intended for school-aged children, introduce young riders to basic skills that will be useful for both off and on road cycling. These programs vary depending on the community, so do not hesitate to contact the BNL Representative for Central Newfoundland to find out what is happening in your region!

For more information contact the BNL Representative, Central Region, at

Western Region

Western Newfoundland is known for its sunny summer days and long snowy winters. The region also encompasses a wide variety of terrain and riding styles. Featuring everything from epic road cycling routes to diverse mountain biking terrains, they all offer beautiful forest scenery and gorgeous seaside views.

Under the direction of dedicated individuals and groups, cycling is booming in Western NL. From fully funded trail building projects to youth development programs, a lot is happening! Funding has been granted to a local organization for the purpose of building a fully developed mountain bike trail system. With 4 km of trail already complete, there is still a lot to come!

There’s a plethora of epic road cycling routes in NL that all offer challenging hills and fantastic ocean views. Great for short rides or epic adventures. The western road cycling event calendar consists of the most challenging events in NL: The Bonne Bay Loop, The Impact Road Race, and the epic Tour de Port au Port. To find out more about cycling in the western region, contact the BNL Representative for Western Newfoundland.

Labrador Region

Labrador, the northern portion of the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, is a region of boreal forest, a subarctic climate, and a frontier of adventure for cyclists. Touring cyclists, carrying all their gear, have ventured here from other provinces in Canada and the U.S.A., Russia, the Czech Republic and Europe. The main cycling routes are along the Trans Labrador Highway (TLH) from Baie Comeau, Quebec, to Labrador City (Route 389, 600 km) and on to Happy Valley-Goose Bay (Route 500, 533 km), on mostly paved highway. Continuing east from Happy Valley-Goose Bay on the Trans-Labrador Highway (Route 500 & 510) it is 606km to Blanc Sablon, Quebec, on the Labrador south coast, where the ferry crosses the Strait of Belle Isle to St. Barbe, Newfoundland.  Route 510 to Blanc Sablon is paved for 85km east of Goose Bay and then a 208km stretch of dirt/gravel road to the Cartwright Junction, after which it is paved all the way to Blanc Sablon, QC.  


Local cycling in Labrador City and Happy Valley-Goose Bay includes road cycling, mountain and fat biking. There is a paved road from Goose Bay to Sheshatshiu and Northwest River (42 km), both historical communities of Innu First Nation and Labrador Metis (NunatuKavut) on the inland bay of Lake Melville, in view of the Mealy Mountains to the south.


Our local Bike Labrador Cycling Club in Happy Valley-Goose Bay offers weekly mountain bike group rides and is developing a bike park with a pump track and other challenging trails with obstacles for children and teens. Short track bike races for youth and a bike rodeo happens every summer.

For info on Labrador: 

Destination Labrador

For local cycling info in the Happy Valley-Goose Bay area: Contact Al Bock ( or Eric Skoglund ( (Bike Labrador Cycling Club)

For local cycling info in the Labrador City-Wabush area:  Contact Gerry Rideout or (Menihek Nordic Ski Club)

For information about cycling in Labrador in general, contact the Bicycle Newfoundland and Labrador Representative for Labrador region.


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