Impact Time Trial and Road Race Results

Congratulations to all the participants and organizers of the recent Impact Time Trial and Road Race. See the top results below and follow the links for full results.

Time Trial (Marble Drive - Saturday)
Top Male - Carl Barrett 24:57.8
Top Female - Vicki Parsons 27:18.5

Road Race (Pasadena - Sunday)
Top Female 80km - Vicki Parsons 2:35:45.0
Top Male 80km - Ian Coxon 2:22:52.1
Top Male 64km - Billy Perrett 2:09:50.3
Top Female 40km - Amber Critch 1:16:59.9

General Classification (Time Trial + Road Race total time)
Top Male - Kipling Deeley 2:52:38.6
Top Female - Vicki Parsons 3:03:03.6

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