New Membership

2018 is nearly here! That means it’s time to get yourself a BNL membership for the new year. Heck, you could even register a loved one as a Christmas Gift!

Please follow this link to the CCN registration page.

For 2018, we have made a few changes to the pricing for our BNL Memberships.

The simple reason for this is that BNL is growing. In 2017 we saw a 237% growth in membership, thanks to even more events and rides popping up across the island and in the big land. We are working hard to match this growth with more advocacy, more resources, and more cooperation with provincial stakeholders in order to build the sport of cycling and paracycling.

“What am I getting for my fee?”, you are likely asking. It is a question we’ve heard throughout the past year as more and more people have joined us. Along with the initiatives listed above, another simple answer is sound-of-mind. As a recognized member of Canadian Cycling as well as the UCI by extension, we license and insure organized group rides and events on behalf of local organisers and those who participate. This means valuable coverage in the unfortunate event of an accident. Coverage also protects organizers from liability, so it is prudent for event directors to ensure their participants are Bicycle Newfoundland Labrador members in good standing.

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By bnl / Administrator, bbp_keymaster on Nov 29, 2017