2021 Board of Directors Vacancies

Bicycle Newfoundland and Labrador is announcing several vacancies on the board of directors to be filled at the annual general meeting in April 2021.

1. Director - President – is the official face of the organization. He/she shall exercise general oversight of the affairs of BNL on behalf of the Board of Directors. It shall be his/her duty to preside at General Meetings of members and of the Board of Directors and to act as the chairperson on committees of Officers representing the Board of Directors. The President shall ensure that BNL as a whole achieves the objectives set in accordance with the established by-laws and procedures.  The President shall act as the spokesperson for the Board and the organization.  He/she shall be responsible for trailways and community liaison, liaising with government and NL T'Railway/Trans Canada Trail groups to ensure infrastructure standards are met and maintained. Also responsible for communicating with government regarding cyclist safety and community infrastructure. Develops and submits proposals for funding. The President shall perform other functions as usually pertain to the office of the President and shall be an ex officio member of all Standing and Ad Hoc Committees of the Board.

1. Director - Secretary - shall attend to the giving and service of all notices of BNL. The position will also be responsible for the taking and reproducing of all Minutes for the General Meetings and the Directors meetings and for maintaining an electronic record of the minutes and further for the keeping and filing of all books, reports, certificates and other documents required by law to be kept on file by BNL. He/she shall have charge of the corporate records of BNL, including a register containing the names and addresses of the members of BNL and the members of the Board, together with copies of all reports made by BNL and such other records and papers as the Board may direct.  As an Officer of the Board, the Secretary participates on the Executive Committee.

BNL Board Application Form

Applications and inquiries can be directed to admin@bicyclenl.com before March 5, 2021

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