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The fit of your bike affects every aspect of cycling including comfort, control, efficiency, and safety.

A professional bike fit is ideal when selecting a bicycle. There are however a few rules of thumb that can guide you if you decide to do your own bike fit.

Frame size:

Stand over the frame top-tube with both feet flat on the ground and lift the bike. For road and hybrid bikes you will want approximately 25mm of clearance between the ground and the tire. For a mountain bike it will be more like 50-75mm of clearance.

Check the bike manufacturer for sizing recommendations if there is no top tube between the seat and the handlebars.

Seat or saddle height:

Your knee should be slightly bent when your foot is at the bottom position of your peddle stroke. To adjust seat height, loosen the quick release lever on the seat post, or use a wrench if there's a binder bolt and raise or lower the post as needed.

Correct seat height maximizes power and efficiency and also minimizes fatigue and injury.

Seat or saddle position:

Proper seat position provides maximum comfort and peddling efficiency. In most cases this will be pretty much level, but you may need to make a tilt adjustment. Find the seat position that feels best for you.

Handlebar height:

The handlebar height determines the angle of your back ideally at a 45 degree angle. Your arms should be slightly bent and you should be able to reach your shifters and brakes with ease.

To adjust handlebar height, move the stem - the gooseneck piece that connects the handlebars to the bike frame up or down. Consult your owners manual for the proper procedure.

Let's go cycling!

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