Pre-Ride Bicycle Inspection Checklist – Bicycle Safety Campaign

Before a ride do a quick bike inspection to increase your safety, comfort and enjoyment.

Check the air pressure of your tires and compare it with the recommended pressure listed on the sidewall.

Test brakes for stopping power. Squeeze brake levers to insure that the brakes firmly grip the wheels. For bicycles with disc breaks, confirm that the pads grip the discs.

Give each wheel a spin to insure there is no wobble and also no contact with the brake pads.

Check that the handlebar is secure. Check that the saddle is secure and at the appropriate height. Check quick release or use a wrench to confirm that the locknuts are tight.

Clean and lubricate with a bicycle chain lubricant. Check that the bell, lights, and reflectors are in working order.

Happy cycling and stay safe!

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