Tips for Cycling on Multi-Use Trails – Bicycle Safety Campaign

Multi-use trails are non-motorized and shared by a variety of users such as cyclists, walkers, joggers, and parents with small children.

The users move at different speeds as they have different abilities. The following cycling tips will helps everyone have a safe and enjoyable time.

Always wear a helmet and avoid wearing headphones or earbuds.

Ride on the right side of the trail. Announce your intent to pass by ringing your bell. Pass on the left even when passing other cyclists.

Use hand signals when appropriate. Ride in a predictable manner and don't speed.

Be prepared to stop when needed when there are pets, kids, and other people out and about.

Pull off the trail completely if you need to stop as not to obstruct the trail for others.

As you pass others in the trail, always be respectful, smile, and say hi!

Happy cycling!

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