Basic Hand Signals for Cyclists – Bicycle Safety Campaign

Basic hand signals are an important communication tool for cyclists. They increase safety by indicating to drivers and other road users what you intend to do. Cyclists use hand signals to indicate turns, stopping, or slowing down and road hazards. Left turn: Extend your left arm away from your body to shoulder height pointing straight […]

How to be a Visible Cyclist – Bicycle Safety Campaign

Being visible on a bicycle improves the level of safety for cyclists. Make sure you are visible day and night. Fluorescent colours work best because the sun’s ultraviolet rays make them appear to glow. Choose a high-visibility road bike helmet. Some have the option to attach a rear-blinking red light. Wear a high visibility jacket […]

Tips for Layering Cycling Clothing – Bicycle Safety Campaign

Layering your clothing can keep your core body temperature consistent as you cycle in changing temperatures. Being too warm can be just as bad as being too cold because your body wastes energy trying to regulate itself. A base layer is a next-to-skin layer made from a breathable material that removes moisture from your body. […]

Appropriate Cycling Clothing – Bicycle Safety Campaign

Appropriate cycling clothing can make your ride more enjoyable and comfortable. Fitted shirts made from breathable materials such as nylon or polyester help to wick away moisture. A rear pocket can be useful to carry snacks or extra clothing. A fitted jacket that is breathable, windproof, and helps protect you against the rain should be […]

Choosing a Bicycle Helmet – Bicycle Safety Campaign

In Newfoundland and Labrador all persons riding a bicycle are required to wear an approved helmet. Here’s some key factors when you choose a bicycle helmet. Bicycle helmets fall within three basic types: Recreational helmets will provide basic impact protection for casual riding. Road bike helmets are designed to be light weight, well ventilated and […]

Pre-Ride Bicycle Inspection Checklist – Bicycle Safety Campaign

Before a ride do a quick bike inspection to increase your safety, comfort and enjoyment. Check the air pressure of your tires and compare it with the recommended pressure listed on the sidewall. Test brakes for stopping power. Squeeze brake levers to insure that the brakes firmly grip the wheels. For bicycles with disc breaks, […]

Tips for Cycling on Multi-Use Trails – Bicycle Safety Campaign

Multi-use trails are non-motorized and shared by a variety of users such as cyclists, walkers, joggers, and parents with small children. The users move at different speeds as they have different abilities. The following cycling tips will helps everyone have a safe and enjoyable time. Always wear a helmet and avoid wearing headphones or earbuds. […]